Waiver Forms & Policies


To cancel a reservation: Call us at 1-805-486-1166.

For full refunds or reschedules cancel by the following times:

Weekend dive trip – 7 days before departure.
Weekday dive trip – 72 hours before departure.
Rental equipment –72 hours before departure.

  • Chevron down What if a diver must cancel?
  • When you reserve a spot on a dive boat you own that spot for the day. No matter who wants to buy your spot we will not sell it. It is yours. That’s the deal we make with you. Sometimes things come up at the last minute and it becomes impossible to use the spot. We sympathize but we can’t sell it just before the trip is run and we can’t sell it after the trip is run.

  • Chevron down Last-Minute Cancellations
  • “No shows” or last-minute cancellations are never refunded or rescheduled for any reason. (The captain of a dive vessel may cancel a trip due to weather. In this case, refunds are always given.) If you have any questions about cancellations please ask before you book a trip. We are here to help.